Saturday, December 15, 2007

It has been far too long ago since I blogged. I've no idea what to say and how to start. Well, let some pictures do the talking!

2007 11 21 - FTPPS Class Gathering

2007 11 23 - Paulander with Lihua and Leslie's colleagues

2007 11 30 - Bday Celeb and gathering and Barley's with Qihua Pri Peeps

And for my bday prezzies...

Mentioned in my previous post, the study bible from Yihui, Wendy and Leslie.

It is really huge in real life! See, in comparison with my umbrella. I will start on it soon!!
I think I can spend years on this! Yeah! Thankew!! *hugs*

A book from boss Alvin, Aiwah and baby Amelia! Thankew!

And this from my primary sch friends!! A hand spa set from Mary Kay!! Thanks Wufeng, Shujia and Benli!!! *hugs*

A m)phosis bag from Xingni and Huijun. Thankew!!

And I have a few prezzies I've yet to 'collect'. Heh heh!

And my shopping spress...

2 watches from watch sale.. Both at 50% off... Woohoo!!!

And from Burberry's sale...

I love my new wallet... Thanks Gab for subsidizing! It was $460.. after disc.. $322.. after Gabby's kind bday subsidy.. $299.. ;)

Itching to buy a Burberry Blue Label bag! Anyone going Japan? Boohoo! So broke!

Busy is a far understatement to my current life. Hectic and packed, tired and lethargic. Sleep-deprived. I look forward to my one week long leave. I look forward to HUi coming back! I look forward to xmas!!!

I prayed for a sunny day for me to jog! I wake up, sunny. But God is too kind, He gave a super scorching sun!! :s *rolls eyes* The heat is all over my body.

Finally got a CD of pictures of Min's wedding!!! Will post pretty pics soon!

Rushing off to a chalet with Gabby, Kim and Qiwen, their respective partners and their pri sch friends! Will be back tmrw! I shall have a fun night playing cards together and reminisce the good old hostel days!!

*hurried off for play time!!*

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haha wa yr post so long lOl...

wa seh wallet so ex.. heart pain... ow...