Friday, December 28, 2007

I'm so so tired even though I'm on leave. Brrr....

Mon - Work, steamboat at qing's, chat till wee in the night @2am
Tue - Service @9am, Lunch, Shopping, Dinner, Shopping, Home, Tired
Wed - Manicure with HUi, Movie with Hui and LH, Zouk With min, qing, shir, kate till 4am
Thurs - Isetan Private Sale, Pri sch friend (Wufeng's) Bday
Fri - Clearing some of my stuff, meet Gab in town.

Freaking tired.

Pictures to be up later.

I dont know why, but I'm not feeling joy. I wonder why. But level of lethargic has went beyond control. I really need rest.

Reaching the end of the year, it means I have to make a decision for cell group. It is a tough decision to choose. I've decided not to choose any. As for service, seems like going adam or PL becomes another difficult choice too. I've great friends at both side. See how it goes then. I have to agree that the splitting thing made me shun church activities. My tight schedule made things worse. Come what may.

Ah Kang just made me cry..
Kang says: (9:00:07 PM)
i mean think of it this way.. if u choose not to choose and just walk "away" from God, it will be more upsetting to any group of us than if u have chosen the other group!

I dont like the idea of leaving/parting.

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