Saturday, December 29, 2007

2007 - A year of barrenness

Looking back at 2007, I find it filled with barrenness.

There seems to be nothing to applaud, yet, nothing to lament. It seems like there is nothing fruitful or worth remembering.

I've not learnt much this year. I drifted spiritually. I hadn't been strong, been steadfast, been firm about certain things in my life.

All so sounds sad. But I guess the thing I could be happy of is the friendships I forged this year. In chronological order of time, the friendships I forged or re-forged this year:
1) Leslie
2) Wendy
3) Qing, Min, Shir
4) Qihua Pri School pals
5) Yihui
6) First Toa Payoh Pri pals

I wonder what God's plan for me is. But I really pray for a fruitful 2008.

I pray for:
1) Happiness
2) Wisdom
3) A heart of humbility
4) Personal growth
5) Fruitful life.

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tornado said...

Well, forget about 2007.
2008 is the year of New Beginnings!
Isaiah 43: 19 "Behold! I'm doing a New thing. Do you not perceive it."

In order for you to experience it, you gotta let go of your past failures & successes and leap forth with faith of what God has planned for you so that you can experience a vibrant life filled with fruitfulness, authority, restoration of friendships/areas in your life.
Got to PERCEIVE it in order to experience it.
Your latter shall be greater than the rest!