Saturday, January 05, 2008

I'm grounded..

As the title says, I'm grounded.. Roar! And thats because I'm terribly terribly sick!

The amt of medication I'm taking:

Visited the doctor for 3 times within 4 days.

I'm on MC on Wednesday and Friday. With my current condition now, I wonder if I need an MC on Monday. Hope not though.

I've super swollen throat. So swollen that even swallowing saliva is a major task! My throat and ear seems to have the burning sensation pain everytime i swallow something. *ouch* Cough for the entire night until I couldnt get a wink! Flu came in too!!

In short, I'm sick to the max!!

I'm sorry for the pre-arranged appts I couldn't go. Especially Shaozhen & Andy's post wedd celebration! Sorry for all the appts I have to cancel. My deepest apologies!!

What a way to start 2008! *smack forehead*

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