Sunday, March 16, 2008

The handicap goes D&D, goes clubbing, goes wedding dinner, goes jogging!!

Yup! Did I just say I'm a handicap? Hahaa!

Dinner and Dance 2008
Date: 14th Mar 2008
Location: Pan Pacific Hotel

One of my "priority (and unemployed) friends" took pity on a handicap. So she offered to groom the handicap to the theme!

Brr.. Why is my image consultant so slim!?!
My image consultant is very very good at hair!!! She's good with falsies too!
Professionalism: 9/10 (-0.5 for speed, -0.5 for drawing black gel eyeliners)
Pls note that she's not a professional MU artist YET, and she doesnt use black gel eyeliners! If you need any services for your functions, please feel free to contact us. We have a lot of talented image consultants, just that they are working.

Thank God for helping me battle the traffic jam. I managed to reach like 750pm and scan my invite to win lucky draw. I won 63rd prize!! Yeah!!

My 3 little pigs gang!! My pillar of support all the time!

Its piggy time!

My lovely partner-in-crime for Jap food!! And thanks for all the help you rendered all these years. And the HR team, for very great support ALL the time, especially during the period when I injured my hand! Thank you!!

The usually-serious-looking Japanese went crazy. Even the MD went crazy too! And Almighty director made a very very very unexpected performance.

My beloved department!!

Here's the people I always love!!
My lovely boss #1 - manager

My lovely boss #2 - grp leader

My lovely colleague

My beloved department. Where fun and work coincide. Absolutely love everyone of them!

D&D Round 2
Date: After D&D, 1am
Location: Zouk

I know my very much loved bitches are there! So I immediately agreed upon zouk! Moreover, my dinosaur GL is going. Hur hur...
The bitches didnt pick up my numerous calls and SMSes. So I decided to ujust do a random find. I head to the toilet! And I ended up screaming for 10secs! I know where to find my bitches in the midst of a crowded club!

I had a great day. But the handicap is very drained after that.

Colleague's wedding the very next day. Totally zonked out and stony throughout the wedding that there was no energy left for the pictures! Will get the pictures and post later!

As the title states, yes, the handicap went jogging! Totally refreshing. I love jogging!

Going to work tmrw even though I'm still on hospitalization leave. I can't wait. It is too boring at home! At least let me archive my emails!!!

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