Sunday, March 23, 2008

Those were the days. :)

I found this really really old Hall 6 pictures in Paw's FB!!

Late night supper at Paw and Liyun's room. Dated way back to 2001. Back then, we weren't using digi cams. I didnt have a copy of this! Grr...
L-R: Pawlyn, Nigel, Madeleine, Liyun (bed), me (eating)

For church peeps, yup! This is our Nigel. The then young and happening Nigel! :) He was then our supper-buyer with his Honda. I guess he made many hall people fat!

And this one!

I dont know what we were doing. But I end up being carrying out of Paw's room by Paw and Liyun. Haha~

I had real short hair then. Because one hair dresser cut my hair in a yucky manner and I have to correct it by cutting all short! Yup! The short-short. Brr...

Those were the days. :)

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tornado said...

wah, that's some old photos. Time really flies.I got many old photos which i have yet to even put them into photo albums. hahaha