Sunday, March 09, 2008

Yet one week has past. 3.5 weeks to go. 23 days to go. (Counting down to the end of my hospitalization leave)

I'm thankful for all concern, for all prayers! I really need them. My wound is recovering very well, but my left thumb is still not responding.

And I thought this logo on my occupational therapy looks apt with my current condition.

There are so many things we thought we know, but we don't.
There are so many things we felt it was right, but it wasn't.
There are so many things we wished we could turn back time, but it will never happen.

For my eyes were marred by the deceiving words of mankind, I decided to retreat my steps, out of the pool of dung. I will be cautious to counter the capricious fate in attempt to protect my mental and emotional well-being. Enough said.

Viwawa is highly addictive. Keep out!

2 of my resigned, currently unemployed and bumming around friends and I will be having fun from tmrw onwards... 2 unemployed and a handicap.. and a car.. We shall see what fun we will get...

To look forward nxt week
* Fun with the unemployed ladies.
* Shopping with my roomie.
* Occupational Therapy with a pretty therapist!
* Isetan Private Sale with the unemployed ladies
* Dinner and Dance 2008!
* Colleague's wedding!
* Partying after D&D?? (Depending on injury condition)

Hurhur... Handicaps can be fun-loving and exciting too! :)

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