Thursday, April 10, 2008

Faster than official release

Due to my broad based readers which include many colleagues I know and do not know, I decide to be faster than the official (press) release.

Yes. Everything was expected. But most of it were absurd.

Swapping/promoting from one designation to another. One or two are with credentials and proven track records, I salute those in awe. Many, to my disbelief, is going to hold appointments of which I have no basis to respect their expertise in new appointments.

Multiple promotions within a year seems to be the latest trend. And such promotions doesnt seem to come with warranted credentials. As long as you are in the right click of pple, success is guaranteed.

So much saying about giving your employees benefits, pay adjustment, making your employees happy and satisfied. But our increment % still remains at a pathetic 3%. And we need to slog hard for our engineering allowance of a pathetically amount which get reduced if you happen to be hospitalized. Yes, mine will be reduce drastically soon. Isnt the engineering allowance meant to bridge the difference in our pay compared to the industry's? Seriously, even with the engineering allowance, we are still falling behind.

To get a clearer picture, the management ask us to cut cost. We are told that they try to make our salaries competitive. They did. Some small adjustment. We are slightly slightly happier than before. We risked our life to cut cost here, there, and everywhere. We worked hard and earn salary (with fluctuations). They say they try to give us the best bonus. We have no say but to nod in unanimity.

Then, after giving bonus, they do a sudden management change with many promoted. Promotion = pay increment.

Do you find any similarities in any life situation you are in now? If yes, you are as smart as me. No prize for that though.

Yes. I think they love SG's gahmen. They take SG's gahmen as a role model. We were told that increase in gst is inevitable. To unload our burden (pacify us), they give us offset package. We were slightly happier. Sometimes, we got little bonus from the gahmen too! We, again, have no say, but still vote for Pay-And-Pay. After all these, the gahmen says pple managing the gahmen needs to be rewarded more. OooooOOooooOOOo.... And if you happen to be born of the Lee family, success is almost guaranteed. OooooOOooooOOoo.... *tink tink tink* Does this illustration ring a familiar bell?

But of course there are some difference. In the Pay-And-Pay situation, yes, they work hard to keep us safe and peaceful. Although they make mistakes once in a blue moon like the prison break re-enact, all in all, things are still cool.

In the our situation now, the management decides that a person maintaining the building can do a even better and higher authority job at managing our company's procurement issues. It is like promoting a grassroot leader (with no trade or economics background) to minister of trade and industry.

Hur hur hur.... So Smart! *roll eyes*


tornado said...

well, there's always bound to be office politics.

There are bosses who like people who agree to whatever they say (be it right or wrong aka curry favor) and they will sure "excel" faster than others.

Is it a hint from God to indirectly tell you to start getting out of your comfort zone?

Anonymous said...

haha....I kinda like the way you put your views.....

Anonymous said...

Well do expect more managers than presenters for this coming presentation...

jing xian said...

tornado> wow! You are really like a tornado! Come in and sweep 3 comments! Yup! As I told you on Sat, I need to explore where life situation is bringing me to. Cause that may be where God is pushing me to experience the next stage of life/career!

Anonymous> Yes! I've heard abt the many managers! And I'm super unprepared this time. Super sick too! Brr... And yup! Gd tt you like the illustration. We need humour for our boring routine. ;p

Anonymous said...

It's has been a long time since someone dare to express oneself openly. But then u can't really compare these bunch of managers, be it japs or locals, with pay n pay. I'm not a Pay n Pay supporter...sometimes I really fell absurb abt their polices. Yet at the end of the day, there's usually results.

I have seen some who later went on to assume various capacities in my disappointments, they were able to perform. At least, they tried upping the educational level of the people, at least most of the time they know who is a talent n whose not, at least they know how to deploy n use these bunch of 'talents', at least they know people are experiencing low morals n hardship, at least they know every people is playing a part in nation building and last but not least Singapore is a nation that tag rewards largely on merit.

These are the things that HOMS lack off. Example, they have to wait till almost 30% of the employees had quitted before they did a salary adjustment which is short of the market rate for HDD sector. Ask any of your frens who work in SDK and you will know why I said this. For show, they put up a front for sake of locals n pay lip service to EDB that they are localizing. They are not even interested in developing the next generation of leaders from the local engineers. They are just concern with profits. Do you know HOMS profit for last quarter almost 8 - 10 folds of CSM (a co. much bigger than HOMS). CSM profit was abt 2.4 million SGD for last Q? Yet they are paying peanuts.