Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tah Ching's wedding

Been overworked. And my dear colleague, YL, transfer some virus to me - Flu virus. And now, I'm down!! Bleah!

Alright, some pictures to share!

2008 03 29 - Tah Ching's Wedding @ CHIJMES
My good old year 1 classmate @ ntu engineering. We (TC, Merv, Chan and me) will stick on together for lunches, breaks, outings, birthdays, etc etc.

(L-R) Chan (Lihua), me, Tah Ching, Sin Yee, Adrian, Merv, Merv's wife-to-be

I managed to dig out some old pictures

2005 Convo and Grad dinner
Yup! TC is not ard. 3 of us went to pursue Mechanical Engineering. He went ahead with EEE.

2001 Class Photo
Yes, this is historic! I was barely 19 then

Mervyn: Back row 4th from left
Tah Ching: 3rd row from the front, 2nd from the left
Lihua : 2nd row from the front, 4th from the left
me: 1st row, 1st from the left

We were soooooo young!!

There's more pictures to share abt my 'One day outing' with my sec sch friends when we took leave together just to relax and spend precious time. But well, Ahhhhh Chooooo... *sniff sniff* Next entry then. =)

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