Saturday, April 26, 2008


Mon: MC
Tue: OT
Wed: Work (even when I'm issued MC) + OT
Thurs: OT
Fri: OT till 330am
Sat: OT
Sun: Undecided yet. Most probably OT.

Usually OT made me feel like going on shopping spree. But met Lihua for dinner today to sign up for SHAPE RUN at the roadshow. After our 5km run at GE RUN last Sept, we are going to do a 10km this time! Hurray!

OK, too tired, I drifted from my topic.

Yah, I was saying overworked always make me feel like going for shopping spree. But Lihua says she is going outstation to U.S.!!! *jx shouts........ iPHONE!!!* *jx keeps money in the bank and hope that she'll receive good news about her iPHONE soon*

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