Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The company installed the work tracking system where every file that you open, anything that you copy, delete, save, etc will be recorded.

However, it doesnt have a deep impact on me. Probably, I have alternatives if I need to do personal stuff, I'm not bothered by it.

But a conversation I overheard between one of the engineers with the vendor.

Vendor: (asking his some technical questions)
Engr: Oh, we do not have internet access here.
Vendor: huh?
Engr: Eh, yah. Specific personnel (referring to Japanese and management level) do have access to the internet. But with quite a couple of sites blocked.
Vendor: HUH? (With a unbelievable look)

And yes, all my friends have internet access at work. And I do think that the more you try to restrict people from using, the more they react towards the actions the management takes. People will feel a sense of dreadfulness knowing that the management do not place trust in employees and that abuse is definitely imminent.

In this case, when the management just hopes to ensure the security of their intellectual propriety by having such tracking program running, everyone thinks that the management is trying to pry into what the employees are doing.

Seriously, do you think the management bothers to pry into what exactly you are doing? We open and close so many files everyday, access to so many folders everyday, who would have the capability to monitor? It is only when intellectual propriety issues happen that they check.

However, with the tracking system installed, the feeling of dreadfulness persists. Thanks to all the restrictions imposed.

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