Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This is how my hand looks:

Scary!! My broken nerves...

So far, TTSH is the hospital I went for 2 separate incident. One for my Lasik by Dr. Lee, the other is the hand injury.

As far as I could remember, the service there is pretty good. Dr. Lee is very nice and very experienced in Lasik. He's one of Singapore most famous and preferred doctor for Lasik surgery. He has now moved on the Gleneagles though. Dr Sathappan is my consultant for my hand injury. He's very assuring and somehow, gives the impression that you are in his safe hands. Medical Officers are good too. I've experienced 2 from TTSH Orthopedics - Dr. Oh and Dr. Kau. Both are young and entertaining. Therapist Ho is also very pretty and pleasing. Nurses wise, so far so good.

But one major complain. The waiting time is hell damn long! My appointment was at 3pm, I only managed to see the doctor at 430pm. I waited an hour for payment at 530pm. I had to collect medication from the pharmacy, but the queue was way too long that I decided to come back another day. And this happens every visit. So now, I bring a book to read. I finish 1/2 a book into Nicholas Sparks's 'A Walk to Remember'.

Now I know why my technician says... it is not call TAN Tock Seng Hospital for nothing!

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