Sunday, July 20, 2008


I've been missing for close to 2 months on blogspot. And YES, I'm busy. 


Latest gadgets buys:
1) iPhone 
My dear Chan went oustation in US. And so, you guessed it. She helped me get this in US. It is the 2G, 8Gb version. It works great! And looks great!!!

2) Nintendo DS Lite (in Metallic Rose)
Pretty and VERY FUN. Super addicted to this. SUPER. 

The jogging season is here!!!

To start things off, this is what I did this early morning! 

The run almost killed me. 10km for 80 mins. 3 more registered runs (Singapore Bay Run, Nike Human Race and GE run) and more to come!! And I need a good shoe. Still contemplating btwn Asics and New Balance. My current shoe gave me more than 5 blisters after a 10km. PAIN! 

This entry has been... erm.. bimbo. Too tired to write something more meaningful. 

May life continue to be great for everyone! :) 

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Anonymous said...

hey, read more on jogging shoes. Nike & Adidas have really good jogging shoes. But they are hard to come by and are really expensive. Cause they try to add in fashion statements in their shoes which make the shoes not really good for distance of more than 8Km (abt 5 miles).

You are right. Go for Asics (easy to find asian size) or New Balance.
You can also try Reebok, Etonic, Brooks or Mizuno ( easy to find asian size). There is another US brand which I can't remember. Certain things like ease in bending the shoes, the width of arch, high arch (Brooks hv many of this) or low arch (New Balance are usually made in this way). Ask your male colleagues who had serve national service, they should be able to tell u more. They will be able to tell u how to select a proper size. For example, shoes must have a 0.5 inch room away from your longest on and so for.