Saturday, September 06, 2008


Had a busy, tiring and exciting day that I must must blog this. I've witness 2 cases of UGLY Singaporeans. VERY UGLY. 

Woke up (unwillingly) at 830 this morning and went all the way to Suntec to collect my running bib for Swing KPE. The collection was smooth. I was issued black XL T-shirt for male 10km and orange for me. The run is FREE, so we don't have the right to argue to anything regarding the T-shirts. Afterall, it isnt easy to accommodate so many people and I believe the budget is tight given a free run. All was great until when I was about to leave. 2 aunties came, ferociously trying to change the black T-shirt for the orange/green one. The pathetic helper was trying hard to explain to them that exchange is not possible and that different colours represent different category of run and gender differentiation. They refuse to agree upon and continue to bargain for the exchange. Even when the overall in-charge came over, they still insist on exchanging. Of course, they left with disappointment with cursing and swearing spurting out of their mouth. UGLY. period. 

Up next, I went to a VICHY product launch at SPH. It was my mum's idea to go and since it is just S$15 with many samples and it is so near my house, I gave in too. After confirming attendance and getting our goodie bag, we proceed on to look for seats. We sat at 3rd row beside some goodie bags neatly placed. People start streaming in and fill the front seats as well. And there came 2 aunties, who came early and placed their goodie bag' to book their seat. Apparently, they booked the 2nd row. But their 'goodie bag' is now at 3rd row. What would you do if you were in this situation? I'll just take the 3rd row. Afterall, what is the difference between sitting on the 2nd row and 3rd row? Well, the 2 aunties think otherwise. They keep on asking who moved their stuff and apparently think that it is those sitting in the 2nd row that moved their stuff. The fact is, the 2nd row pple were here later than us, and the stuff is already on the 3rd row when we reach. When noone 'admits', they start spouting curses and swears. Scolding the 2nd row pple 恐怖,恐怖份子,没有礼貌 and many many unpleasant words. I very much wanted to rebuke her accusations. I decide to keep my mouth shut. Such unreasonable aunties are not worth my effort. They are probably those kind of aunties who will find 1001 excuses for a single mistake they make and make 1001 accusations for a mistake others didn't make. VERY UGLY. period. 

I promise God I will NEVER be such persons as described above, even when I'm in my auntie stage in future, I will NEVER be so unreasonable to cause unnecessary harm to people around me. Amen. 

To date, I have yet to purchase my Goodwood Park Hotel mooncake. It is OOS everywhere. I wanted to join the queue today. But by the time i reached, the queue is already 40 meters long and the mooncakes have yet to be delievered. I even went to 4 locations to try, INCLUDING the hotel itself. It is OUT OF STOCK. EVERYWHERE. I will take leave to buy next week. RAH!!!!!

And speaking of the VICHY seminar, surprised to meet a familiar face - Esther, currently a vendor but was previously working in my company. And what I have learnt in the seminar.
1) aging spots is sometimes unavoidable due to aging. 
2) Sunblock is the best prevention. 
3) Even with the best technique, without sunblock care, the result is still zero. 

I'm glad I started my sun protection 2 years ago. ;p

I'm not using VICHY's whitening but my mum has great results with it. It is not so much suitable for me as mine mainly consists of post acne scars. I do have some sun spots which my Lancome Spot eraser is doing its job well. (which I think the VICHY whitening will do good to my sun spots too) And for post acne scars, I swear by SKII Whitening source dermdefinition. SKII really work wonders. 

Unexpectedly, I'm working tmrw, to rush a trouble report. Sian. But well, a good chance to earn more pocket money. 

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