Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nike+ Human Race 31.08.08

A disappointing timing as almost same as Singapore Bay Run. The route was exciting, many twists and turns, many many bottlenecks that had become a 'Human jam'. Managed to overtake many this time as compared to SBR, probably due to the many young students. Shall try to get back my Shape Run timing soon. Met 2 Sixians - Li Jun at the starting point and Pawlyn at somewhere near 2km. 

And thank God that the padang is not muddy. The rain stopped. 

I'll be stuck with them for the runs ahead. But as they say, this will be the only year they'll be active. Their kids are either coming to SG (from MY) or taking PSLE next year. I'll have to find new khaki. Else, it'll be bored to join the many races in SG. 

And this pretty thing I saw! She refused to smile initially. 

After showing her the camera image and knowing I'm taking her picture, she opened her mouth! (According to her mum, her current way of smiling)

then her sexy eyes thing... hahaa!

finally, crying to get bk to mama's comfort. 

So cute!!!

Next Run? Hmm.. Swing KPE!! Tunnel Run.. Scary!

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