Monday, November 10, 2008

The runs (Part 1) - New Balance Real Run

19th Oct - New Balance Real Run
26th Oct - Great Eastern Run
02nd Nov - Salomon X-trail Run

3 consecutive Sundays, 3 different runs, 3 different experience!

19th Oct - New Balance Real Run
  • Good organization. Race Pack collection very smooth. Great discounts of New Balance items. 
  • More than enough parking lots. (But locating the car after the run is a chore!)
  • Chilled 100plus served readily after the run. Bananas and water readily available too. 
  • Goodie Bag includes a New Balance Tee (nice~), a sling bag (not fascinating) and some other stuff.
  • Race routes - 10km and 15km (4km trail, 0.6km sand, 5.4/10.4 road)
  • The route is okay. Sand part wasn't that bad. More than enough hydration stops (at least for the 10km route).
  • SUN is BAD. (but this is not something the organizer can help it. at least they compensated by having more hydration stops)

As I did the 10km and my boss and colleague did the 15km, I am tasked to go back to boss's car to collect the camera to snap their finishing pic! And this is when I spend 15mins trying to collect the car in the huge carpark. I bumped into this uncle whom had been searching for 15 mins! Later we realised his car were behind the one I am looking for. -.-''' That is what happened when you have a huge carpark w/o any marking. 

Applying sunblock and a 'fresh' pic before the run! 

The finishing line. The resting building. My colleague. My boss. 

The sun is really merciless! VERY! 

Pictures taken during the run. Road. Beach. Finishing Point. 

The stuff. :) 

Will join again next year!

*blogspot has got me a little irritated with uploading of pictures. Wanted to do a 3 event together post. I think I better do a one event one post. 

I'm like covering the post one day at a time. That's all for today. Now, back to my story book - The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini.

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