Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The runs (Part 2) - Great Eastern Run

Up next, Great Eastern Run on 26th Oct'08. Meet up with Pawlyn after the run to return her book - P.S. I Love You. A good bath at California Fitness and followed by a good bowl of noodle highly recommended by Paw. Nice!!! And of course, a hearty chat! ;p

  • Race route is good. It's a normal road race, but the route with a couple of turns made it less boring. And a route past the Kallang stadium is something new.
  • Baggage deposit is easy and convenient. 
  • Race pack collection is smooth. 
  • Some other isotonic drink provided. (But tastes weird. I still love 100plus)
  • Race day carnival a little messy. 
  • Banana and chilled jelly readily available. 



Will run again if there is companion next year! 

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