Sunday, January 18, 2009

Halloween Party @ Zouk!

My blog has been moving at slowest pace in 2008. Call it busy, call it lazy, I'm just not quite in the mood then. And partly to blame, Safari is not a good tool to write blog entries (mainly the pictures uploading part). So here am I, on firefox, hope it works better in uploading pictures onto blogspot.

From the last entry, I just peered into what my pictures can offer.
Here is the next upcoming updates:
1) Halloween Party @ Zouk
2) My simple birthday
3) Stan Chart Run

Halloween Party @ Zouk
We have taken serious planning into doing this. How serious? We actually starting choosing and bought costumes as early as 4 months before the event. It is our first Halloween party. Yes, when we are 26 years old, then the Halloween party idea creeped in. Slow developers. But no regrets. No regrets on the location too. It must have been the best party in town, absolutely no doubts. We went to queue as early as 8+pm? And we all took 1/2 day leave. Yes, we are that serious. HAHA.

Of the five of us, four got in free as we were dress in full costumes. Bringing up the pictures now!

The preparation @ Min's place. :)

Us, in policewomen wear, red-riding hood, kinky nurse, referee, sheriff.

Shan't indulge too much on us. Let's see whats in zouk!

Left: Some movie/cartoon character I can't remember
Right: Hard guy!!! (don't know what character? google for it)

Left: 2 policewomen and 2 red riding hood
Right: I can't remeber. Some victorian princess?

Left: This bumble bee is cute!!!!
Right: The fortune teller.

Left: Some pirates
Right: I forgot what movie/TV show character this is.

Left: Terrorist! HAHA! They run upon seeing me (police)
Right: Er.. Some priest?

Drinks time. We were then in a shots mood. Sour plum shots especially. But that day, I think we had.. apple shots?

The chinese vampire (left) vs the western vampire (right).

Some others.

Left: Geisha?
Right: Banana-man

Super Mario and Superman!

This is my favourite PAP!!! It is so simple yet distinguished. One look and you know who they are trying to portray. And they printed flyers to support them too!

The black and the white!

Just before we left for home! At the age of 26, late night party is a history. Reached home by 130 with a lift from Min's hubby. Thanks Min and her man!

We'll be back next year! And surely back to zouk!

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