Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The runs (Part 3) - Salomon X-Trail Run

The run after Great Eastern Run is the Salomon X-Trail Run. 

It is, so far, the most exciting run. The MUD! The up and down slopes! The endless zig-zags!! Woohoo!!! 

  • Race Route is fun!!! The MUD! The ups and downs! It is a must-try! Really!
  • Baggage deposit looks... ok... I didn't deposit mine.
  • Race Pack collection was a little disappointing
  • Fluid is sufficient.
  • Lots of supportive students directing route! Esp at the mud pond.


The trail!!!

The Mud!!!!!! You cant escape this. Your shoes SURE get into the mud! 

The Ups and Downs!

The shoes...

And I won a little lucky draw prize. 

It is a simple, small scale, but challenging and fun run. The after-run effect is... I will try again! But with a pair of old shoes next time! 

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