Sunday, March 01, 2009

My Last Day in HOMS

It is the most trying day.

As I board the company bus to work, knowing that it will be my last trip to HOMS, my tears victoriously fought its way out of the frame of my eyes. Life is never the same again, for those who stayed and for those who choose to leave.

I didn't bring a camera to take pictures of the work desk, partly because of my cranky low life battery and I do not wish to arouse more emotions.

It seems to pass just as a simple day of packing, laughing, chatting. The one who probably experience much more emotions is my boss. Staying without an option and yet, seeing all his buddies and team mates leaving is overwhelming him.

He wrote us a testimonial each. Each testimonial is so well written. Unlike other superiors, he wrote testimonials in depth of what you can done, your strength, and each word is filled with his emotions. He took hours to finish them. That is the most precious gift I've received on that day.

The contents were mosaic to protect the hard work of the testimonial writer.

The testimonial that I received from the most lovely boss on earth. As my colleague said, he has set a high benchmark as a manager that we probably never find someone to match up with him.

I later thank him for the wonderful testimonial that he wrote with great effort. He replied the most touching reply where tears fought victory again. He said. 'It's the last bit that I can do for you. Am feeling down and sad to see my team mates and buddies leaving on by one. Work is never the same back in the office.' *heart break*

I have nothing to give, but a simple card of my great appreciation. I had a great 3 years in HOMS. Thanks to my boss (and of course my colleagues)

No matter how difficult the parting is.... it is somehow necessary.

Goodbye HOMS.


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