Sunday, March 08, 2009

First week of unemployment

It isn't that bad afterall. In fact, I had a happening week.

Monday 02 Mar - Resumes sending, revamping, etc. Min's house later in the day.
Tuesday 03 Mar - Jurong point to meet ex-colleagues. Yulli's house and a nice chat with Yulli + Yulli's mum.
Wednesday 04 Mar - High Tea at Rose Veranda with Gabby. Shopping.
Thursday 05 Mar - Temp flyer distributing at Career fair.
Friday 06 Mar - Temp flyer distributing at Career fair.
Saturday 07 Mar - Temp flyer distributing at Career fair. Sunset Way's The daily scoop ice-cream!
Sunday 08 Mar - Temp flyer distributing at Career fair. Katong's laksa, followed by Chinatown.

Life has been good. I am still looking positive despite the huge crowd of unemployed at the career fair. I didn't apply for any jobs during the fair. Somehow, there's no calling for it. Not that I am not desperate for jobs, but that I really seek for a job that gives satisfaction and I pride myself working on. I am ready to face tough and rough course. In fact, I'm looking for a challenging tough and rough job.

Distributing flyers at the career fair has been energy draining. 6 hours of standing is no kidding for a 27 year old. However, having friends together cushioned the effect! Saw many many ex-colleagues and friends at the career fair. Also, the chance to talk to many other people from Sentosa resorts, exhibitors, Min's supervisors, etc provided much exposure to things. Such experience and knowledge isn't what one can learn from theories. Not forgetting, realising that UGLY Singaporeans don't seems to apply to Singaporeans. It has extended to PRCs. A mini conclusion that Malays are more humble than Chinese was also made by myself. On many occasions, seeing people, of all shades and sizes, of the same platform, of all different styles, different attitudes, etc can be really interesting. The variety of people is just.....WOW....

Next week is another round of exciting events. But hopefully, the phone rings for a challenging job opportunity!

Temporary schedule:
Monday:- REST!
Tuesday:- Lunch @ Jurong Pt with ex-colleagues
Wednesday:- (vacant)
Thursday:- Isetan Private Sale
Friday:- HOMS D&D
Saturday:- Friend's ROM. Prawing at night.
Sunday: REST!

Been trying to formulate the 2009 resolutions. But the topsy turvy January and February has place the resolution idea on hold. It is time to note down some points I aim to achieve by 2009!

To all my employed and unemployed ex-colleagues, hold on my dears! We all have decide on our choice on current state. But be positive and strong. Life will be better.

God will provide. Have faith.

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