Sunday, March 22, 2009

Summary of 2008

I wanted to do this 2 months back. However, it had been a topsy turvy start to the new year. Different from the previous years, I'm adopting the format I saw on Paw's. :)


1. I started the year with very bad contagious flu, cough and severe sore throat. My colleagues and I took turns to infect one another.
2. Hospitalized for 3 days, leaving me a 10cm and 2cm scar. Hospitalization leave for 1.5 months.
3. Detoxication took a good proportion of the year.
4. Improved digestion systems and less constipation issues.
5. Weight seems to hover on the high side and reached a new peak! *sian*

1. Significant deterioration of skin since detoxing. *weird*
2. I have been lagging in my routine skincare as compared to 2007.

1. All my friends have been very supportive in one way or another. Especially thankful to my h6 roomie and my GGs.
2. All in all, I didn't think that I have been best at friendships in 2008. In fact, I think it's the worse year.

1. It had been a tiring year. Workload was high during most of the months.
2. A sad turn in business demands towards the end of the year is quite agonizing.
3. The migration of a close colleague made an impact too. I miss her!

1. My longest competitive distance has increased from 5km in 2007 (just started) to 10km.
2. Best timing is still pegged at 80 mins at Shape Run.

1. Reading books at an ever slow rate.
2. Had 4 different handphone in 2008. *tsk tsk*
3. Learnt to practise more thrifty methods. One of which is to dine cheap.

Good bye 2008

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