Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Gatherings and Prawning!

090327 Secondary School Gathering @ Brewerks and Coffee Club

It has been a good good many years! And finally...

Nice companion. People I've known since I was 13 years old.

And before the gathering was a mini session with the usual and a pretty new friend. :)

090328 Prawning at Bishan

Catch of the day:
Rod 1: ~30 -> The professional
Rod 2: 4 -> US!

Finally accomplished one happy activity we wanted to try. :)

But seriously, unless you are a professional, patient 'prawner', do spend the money at a market and you can seriously get many prawns. HAHA!

090404 Estee Lauder Private Sale
How can I not buy?

The Lucrative Price:-
Bobbi Brown E/S x 3 = $10 each
MAC E/S = $10 each
MAC E/S palette = $20 (4 colours)
MAC LE E/S palette = $35 (6 colours)
MAC Lustreglass = $10 each
Origins Liquid Foundation = $15
Origins 2 way cake (refill) = $18
Estee Lauder 2 way cake (refill) = $20
Origins Dr Andrew Weils Face duo = $40
Would have damaged deeper if I am employed. And yes, I've learnt to buy during sale. I want to go again next yr! Provided I am invited again.
And sorry girls, not that I didnt ask you along. But it is my first time going for this even though it is an annual event. It is a 'invite only' sale and I happen to have tix this time.

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