Sunday, August 16, 2009

Singapore Bay Run / Army Half Marathon 2009

A good day with 3 guys cabbing down to my house and Vincent driving 4 of us to the run!

And so we were all up and in preparation by 5am.

Pictures! Looking good BEFORE the run!

It is my first 21km and it is a pretty good, yet grueling experience. To me, it is a good starting time, at least the sun won't catch up with the slow / first time 21km runners. A 5 mins early start is a bit weird for run events though.

The first 9km is going good for me. Pace is well, hydration is good with several water points, and many entertainment along the way. The new route is definitely good for a change. And jogging in ECP is entirely a new experience. And every km marking definitely helps in pacing ourselves. This is one important feature which Shape Run seriously lacks.

After the 9th km, my hand started to swell terribly. It is a common sign for me when I was running 10km runs previously, but it probably started after 4th km. To take precaution, I actually drank a glass of salt water (Sea salt) and fill my tumbler with salt water too. And these precautions managed to sustain me for a safe 9km. When my hands start to swell, I was pretty paranoid and it is pretty painful to even wriggle the fingers. And from then, I did and walk-stretch-run strategy.

Though completed past my target time of 3 hrs, I was glad to have completed it. The next 21km will be Singapore Marathon end of the year. I will need to solve my swollen palms issue by then!

Pictures! Looking tired but accomplished AFTER the run!

Well done to all who have struggled in putting your best efforts. In your own race, so run your best!

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Hong Wei said...

Good job to all! =)