Monday, September 21, 2009

Little Miss Chatterbox

At the rate I am going now, I'm seeing one blog entry per month. *sigh*

It has definitely been a eventful month, with the organizing of department outing, and the madness of work. But I've yet to get hold of pictures, so not going to go into details on it.

However, this cute little one surely allow me to squeeze time to post pictures on her. :)

And here she is:

So cute!! She can speak English, Chinese and some Hokkien. Occasionally she'll say, 'So funny..' She's always willing to share her stuff and volunteer to help us get drinks when we finish ours. *cute* She's the new 'Miss Chatterbox'.

5 months into my current job, my English level has deteriorated terribly. -.-''' It is no longer as fluent. :( Probably the lack of Emily, Alvin, Vincent and Yulli to speak with on daily basis. I miss them.

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