Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bible Expo 2010, Incheon Korea

And when we left for Seoul the next day, I specially went to Bible Expo to take a look. Initially, they didn't allow us in, but later ran back to us, and invited us in.

Probably, because we are tourist. I'm glad they did, a typhoon came 5 days later and swept them to pieces. :( At least, they won one big praise from yours truly. And for this, I will post the pictures one by one, instead of collaging them together.

So this is at the door of the Expo.

the BIBLE EXPO 2010.

And we first enter the world of the old testament.

As you can see, it is work in progress. So there's people hanging around here and there preparing for it.

This should be setting in Egypt.

Offering time

Slavery in Egypt

Discovering of baby Moses

Famine and the dying of the first borns.


The ten commandments.

They made an idol and worshipped it.

Modern Christmas

There are a lot of work in progress. Its a pity that a typhoon strikes a week later and swept everything. :( I went back a month later only to find the remains.

Still, it is work well done, for God. :)

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