Saturday, May 07, 2011

Its polling day

Amidst the hype, it is finally here!

It was swift and done in a couple of minutes!

This GE has been, to me, an avenue for the opposition to strike using human self centered population.

I do not have severe grudges that the ruling party has any unjust made to me. My only comment is that I do not believe that public services (i.e healthcare, transport and housing) to be profit driven. Having a fair amount of profit is justifiable for future investments and emergency response. But not hefty sum definitely.

The opposition made a few comments I personally couldn't agree with.

And so, you know where my vote goes to.

I'm not someone who will whine about government, for I believe, as what the bible says, that one reaps what one sows. The fact that Singapore does not encourage laziness, I think, this is essential for survival for any being. :)

Whoever wins, my life will still be working hard to fulfill life's purpose.

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