Saturday, May 21, 2011

Korea in Aug 2010 (Part 2 of 3)

Ever since the Korea trip, I have been very addicted to Baskin Robbins's Yoghurt Ice-cream! It is really nice. And they have lovely cakes selections!

Pretty, isn't it? And it is affordable. Most of them priced less than 24,000won for the most sophisticated design.

When we reach hotel and settled down, its already late noon. We lugged 3 luggages in stormy weather and were dead tired by the time we are safe in Seoul Hostel.

We decided on lunch/dinner somewhere near our hostel which in Insadong. We shared a Bibimbap and a Kimchi Fish Soup.

We popped over to Dongdaemun that night for a simple sight seeing. And a hearty cup of yoghurt drink to complete the tired day.

However, things did not go well for Janet! She had adverse reactions to the food we had yesterday! It is either
1) Fish
2) Yoghurt
3) Rain (We were drenched while lugging our luggage to Seoul)

And what made worse is that there is no clinic on weekends! And hospital charges exorbitant prices! 300,000 won! We had to settle with some chinese medication from the Pharmacy. And we had to battle the language barrier.

We mainly did shopping at Myeong Dong (again) with Ding Tai Fung for lunch and Ginseng Chicken for dinner! Missy Janet puked them all out though. Poor friend!

After resting early, we are out again to Myeong Dong (again)!
But this time round, food is kinder on her tummy. And it went well! YAY!

A short shopping and we head in search of our Hello Kitty Cafe! It wasn't as easy to find, but thankfully we went into a convenient store to ask for directions and the nice lady drew a really comprehensive map for us!

The hello kitty cafe is near a women's university and the streets near there are fun! Both of us had a nice evening stroll before heading back and ending the day. :)

The next morning, we hit GyeongBokGung Palace! The weather is so hot that it made me really grumpy! And I need to buy myself a bottle of Pepsi to kill my grumpiness!

In the afternoon, to beat the heat, we went to spa! Spas are relatively much much cheaper and common in Korea! Its like 10,000 won (SGD12) for a 12 hour spa pass!

Its a really lovely experience! And would love to be back for the Spa!

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