Sunday, May 29, 2011

Korea in Aug 2010 (Part 3 of 3)

The final part of the Aug trip to Korea is to Everland!!

Everyday is a holiday at Everland! Everland is at another part of Seoul where we need to take an 1 hr bus ride (~10,000won). The entry tickets to Everland is about 45,000 won per person.

The wet weather makes our mood slightly dampened, wearing our poncho around in Everland. We went for a quick fast food bite.

The Korean version of KFC

Still drizzling, we went to the animal zoo part of Everland.

Creepy huge spider

Red Footed Tortoise

Pretty Parrot

Some bird, with perfect posture!


One lonely African Wild Ass

Sleepy Owl

Polar Bear

Baby lions


Cocks and Hens

In Everland's Poncho

We came to Everland, specially for this. Wooden Roller Coaster which inclines at 77 degree! Which meant that you are almost falling perpendicular to ground.

The 77 deg fall

Wooden Structure!

A video of the ride

An overview

Bus ride into wide zoo

The boar



A show to complete the day

We took a 2 hr bus + train ride and were both tired out by the day's event.

We are due for home on 1st Sep evening flight. So we did last minute shopping and caught the flight home.

But before we board the plane, we had our luggage-overweight saga. Our luggage were 13kg overweight, and it will cost us $500. But God's grace is with us. I prayed hard and asked for someone to help. The first guy is a Korean who spoke perfect English, but the girl at the reception refused to allow us to tag along his luggage limit. I prayed even harder, for a second guy. This time, I walked further away from the counter and prayed exceptionally hard for someone who might be on business trip flying back home. And God respond with the perfect person. A person who had no luggage to check in and whom trusted us. He didn't even bother to open up the luggage as we offered to, but grabbed it and checked it in for us. I couldn't believe how much gratitude I have, and the unexplainable joy that God answered my prayer is the most perfect way.

Also, thank God we came back one day early! Typhoon struck one day later and grounded all planes. Praise God for all the grace upon us.

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