Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Learning Swimming!

This is the long procrastinated move! I finally register for swimming classes today, paid for 3 months of lessons and its starting tomorrow!!

I already had an ARENA swim suit. And so I had to rush to get these!

ARENA swim googles and swim cap! I'm so buying in in getting good swimming stuff, especially after trying the different googles and swim caps. The googles are reasonably priced at ~$35, while the swim cap is at an exorbitant price of $31. After trying the normal silicone ones ($17) and the one with dual layer ($31), I am so convinced I 'm getting the pricer one.

So now, I'm in full set of ARENA! Hope I survive in the waters! :D And I'm finally going to strike out this procrastinating item off my 'to-do' list! Finally!

1 comment:

Janet Tan said...

Pls show us your pic in full gear!!! hahahah :D Have fun gal!!! you will sure master it soon!!! Yea :D