Monday, July 11, 2011

Belgium in 2010

A few days after getting back from Korea, I'm due for business trip in Europe! It is practically living out of my suitcase! So here it goes.

I didn't take much pictures during the business trip portion. But basically, we had a good time. Meals are definitely good and weight gaining. We had loads of mussels, lots of olives, and bread dipped in olive oil and salt! Lots of beer and lots of fun!

And yes, 3 days of super hard work!

After our business trip, we did a brief trip to Brugge, a nice town in Belgium.

We took a 2 hour train ride to reach here.

Its a lovely place. And the weather made it all better.
Pretty Sky
Buildings around the church
The church can be spotted from afar 
We took this around

Scenery during the speed boat tour. 

Nice castle.
After toilet break!

The pictures look as if they are scorching hot. However, the fact is, it is below 20 deg C. At nights, it can hit less than 15 deg C. And I was under-clothed. :(

Horse Carriages
Beer Feast
Tower with nice view
And off we go, leaving this lovely place - Brugge.

London, we come. :)

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