Sunday, July 24, 2011

London in 2010

On 11 Sep 2010, we took Eurostar from Brussels to London. We were almost late as we rushed back to the airport to collect our luggage after Brugge trip and head to the main train station at Brussels Central.

The train ride was unexpectedly boring. Probably due to the fact that the train crosses a sea for London. We see nothing but darkness. By the time we reach London, it is at about 8pm. We made our way through the tubes (their name for train/subways) to my colleague's friend's work place (she's a nurse). Taking a bus is indeed a challenge for our luggage wasn't light to begin. Thankfully, it is not the first time my colleague is in London. It could have been worse if 2 clueless ladies were to go round London at 11pm in the night. We were so tired that we didn't bother taking pictures.

We took a bus ride to the city the next morning after a hearty brunch made by my colleague and her friend.
The classic tube station in London
We were there on a Sunday, and the streets are crowded. People are shopping but I didn't get much except sunglass for the summer glare and some souvenirs for my friends.

The busy streets of London on a Sunday

We walked along the streets towards The National Gallery - A small museum which is opened to all.
The National Gallery
A nice cozy art museum. I enjoyed the museums in London than the ones in Paris. Maybe one influencing factor is the language.

Around The National Museum

We continued walking around to London's eye and the Big Ben. And along the way, the London Classics - the London Telephone and the London Bus.

London Telephone
London Tour Bus
And finally, the London Eye.
Best sunny pic I've got with
London Eye
Different views of London Eye

We walked along and we reached the Big Ben.
Big Ben

The institution of Mechanical Engineers?
The Institution of
Mechanical Engineers
And we strolled to a park, near Buckingham Palace.

One side faces the London Eye

The other side faces Buckingham Palace

Just outside Buckingham Palace

The gates of Buckingham Palace

Night view of Buckingham
By the time we reach Buckingham Palace, it was way too dark to get a nice picture.

The next morning, we went shopping in Harolds. Bought 3 bottles of Estee Lauder Advanced Night Recovery 100ml at 75 pounds each! Cheap! (in reference to prices in SG)

We head to The British Museum.
The British Museum
We made a quick decision to spend 60 pounds. Something I usually won't do. But my colleague convinced me into it. And here we go!
My 60 pounds

And I didn't regret it. The musical is lovely!!

We loved it!
 London is a short one. And the next day, we are going home! :) 

My travel companion and her nice friend who
put us up at her place and cooking us
nice meals! :) 

Goodbye London. Till we meet again. :) 

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