Sunday, July 19, 2015

Joy of the Lord... (Or rather the lack of it)

People used to occasionally wish each other 'May the joy of the Lord be with you'. In the past, I viewed it essential but not as something which can be that desired. Not that I think it is unimportant, in fact, I very much feel that 'Joy of the Lord' is part and parcel of everyone's life.

Last Thurs, I attended 'His Life, the musical' after 3 years being away. And for the longest times, His joy came upon me. I could not say it fills me, because ultimately, it depends on a person's relationship with God to have that joy overflowing in life. I've lost that 3 years back, and I haven't build a new one. I cannot describe how much I need this joy. 

Last 3 years have been tough. I depend on relationship with people, on material fulfillment, earthly pride to sustain 'happiness'. Yes, I do have temporary earthly happiness. But none can withstand strong tide, human lies, betrayals, etc. I look back and I gained nothing but a truckload of unnecessary sadness. I could have done better in my workplace, in my personal development, in my health, if I would have held on to the right things. I could only say it was of 3 years of my life. 

I know what it takes to bring back all those joy I had, confidence I used to own and love I used to share. I need to rebuild the lost relationship with God. I need to have 'Joy of the Lord' be with me, now and forever. 

Find my smile back, through the hands of the Lord.

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