Friday, July 08, 2005

According to my previous posts, I promised to pen down my memories.. But I'm such a pig! I'm so lazy! So lazy to even start writing! I feel like a sluggard! Actually, I had been one big sluggard since college times. I'm so lazy and always wanting to get the easiest way out. I fail to plan, and thus, planned to fail. I hate myself for being so. I used to be so organised, neat and tidy back in secondary school. I love those times when everything fall into place nicely, things are completed on time, 'dilly-dally' are no-nos. And something takes a lot of effort to complete, I am so ever willing to give 150% of required effort. That was the past. I missed the past and wish to turn back time. The most meaningless of my life would be year 1999 and 200 - College times. When I lost bulk of my zest of life. Till now, I've yet to seek it. Though it has been partially retrieved during my 4 years in ntu, life is still not in full swing. Regrets, regrets and more regrets.

One thing I wish my blog can help is to push me to improve as the days past. I want it back. I want my zest to relive !!!

So much said, tomorrow is my MPE Convocation Dinner. I wish to pen down my last few memories of school and promise myself I will relive soon! It is a pretty good chance as it marks a closure of one chapter of life, opening the doors of the another.

I decided to change a new name for my blog and a new skin! I'm not quite willing to use those skins that can be found in websites. So this is what I chose, for it suits my blog name. And I'm slowly figuring out what html stuff I can add. A counter soon. A tagboard when I have friends knowing the link to this site. I don't mind people knowing the link, but I prefer to keep it private for now at least. And y this new name? Heez. Previous one was a nick commonly used by friends for a short form of my name - jinx. But I just somehow sick of it. Was thinking of something I like. I realised I like anything to do with flower! (though I dun hv any fetish for real flowers, I only like the prints) Floralprints looks ugly and sounds too vintage for me. So.. its Flowerprint.

I'm getting a new camera soon! Its between a Canon Ixus or a Nikkon S2. The Nikkon S2 is so damn pretty! But I'm not sure if it is 'made-in-japan'. If it is, thats mine for sure! But thats an unknown to me for now. I shall leave it to my cousin to decide. Although I don't mind Canon Ixus, who don't want a really cool camera like S2? At least, I do! Well, the answer will be known over this weekend.

Yesterday, I met up with a college friend. One of my college friends who I do not regret knowing. Afterall, she didn't do that much harm to me like others did. And she's pretty. Pretty is always easier forgiven. Meeting up with her is great. Sometimes, communication bridge is such a miracle. You can feel so down-to-earth and yet, playful and fun talking to her. She's definitely someone I feel comfortable with.

Wow.. I didn't realised I've easily written so much.. I guess.. I do have a lot of thoughts.. Feel so nice to be here posting again.


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