Saturday, July 16, 2005

16-07-2005. Phototaking session in town - Esplanade and Merlion. Nice cool weather, meeting up my Seagaters buddies, carrying those heavy grad gown and we headed straight to the merlion. Everyone was well-equipped with our own digi cams and our professional photographer with his SLR analogue camera. And here are some of what we took!

And for more, -->

Phototaking is really v tiring, especially running around with those heavy gown on shoulders. Dinner was Subway! Something I tried for the very 1st time. I tried Subway melt reccomended by Ivan and it really tastes YUMMY!! *grin*

Sunday was spent tamely by being a good daughter, giving in to all mum's request, for the sake of being able to be 'released', for the coming Hall Orientation Camp. I wasn't part of the committee of course, but I miss that place and my friends.

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