Thursday, July 14, 2005

I hate this!! I typed a entry but i click preview. Then back. And its gone. Grr!! I hv to type it all over again. The feeling's gonna be different from that first one.

Here's pictures on Graduation Dinner! It was at Meritus Mandarin, 09-07-2005. Heez. I was late, nothing unusual for me for such a grand dinner. I've got lousy face which needs thick makeup and I've gotta settle my hair-do. I took a cab down but was caught in a jam. Alighted behind Heeren's and walked to my destination. Phew, I'm not late. Met some good old friends, the feeling is kinda nice! Not sure how to describe that feeling. Its simply great. As promised, here are the pics!

Ta-da! Here are some of the pics! Geez.. And if u noticed, Lihua and I accidentally cloned each other! That was Pure Coincidence. I think we do have similarities in things we like. =) The programmes are good! Though the best part is still the picture taking session. We went for a short coffee after the dinner and homed at 2a.m., bed at 3a.m. =)

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