Wednesday, August 31, 2005

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"Ahh.. Ahh... Ahh... Chhoooooooo"
Flu, cough, sore throat, chapped lips, puffy eyes, all here to make their presence.

I had a really busy day yesterday, after work time I mean. I had to rush back home, dine, rush to tuition, rush to Lihua's place, rush to Singapore Casket, rush back home. Homed 12am.

I finally receive my tuition pay! Haha! This shows that he wasn't intentionally defering the payment. Yeah! Later, I need to write a list of essentials I need to get.

It was such a coincident that while my cab is waiting at Lihua's block, her sis and 'bro-in-law' were on their way back. I remember seeing this car with the driver looks so familiar but I didn't peep at the passenger seat. We left for Singapore Casket soon after.

Its a wake for Merv's grandma. We were discussing how much we wanted to give merv for a token. We ended up a conclusion of $125 in total. (it was $127 initally). One of the things Merv said that left me deep impression is that he is so glad that he has a lovely family. This does not imply immediate family members, but also relatives and extended families. I totally agree with him. I always wish I have cousins, relatives, family members. I do, but they are totally not close. How I wish I could be part of a closely nitted family. How I wish...

I shall make a list of my essentials soon. I didnt wanna blog this actually. But my immediate boss ask me to.. *winkz to SZ*

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Sherline said...

Eh... when did I ask u to blog this thing down? I ask u to draw the thing for me rite? Where's my drawing???