Thursday, September 01, 2005

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Weekend's coming!! Hurray!!

This weekend's main activities are shopping and blading, probably ironing my loads of clothes I wore for the past 3 weeks. Haha!

There are a few places i wish to go this weekend.
1) Levi's Warehse Sale. I have no Levis's jeans so far. I wonder why also.
2) Comex. I dunno why I wanna go. Probably eyeing at some new technology gadgets?
3) Chilling at cafe. I wanna feel relaxed.

I'm convinced. I need an english name. Pls help me think of one. I only have this one in mind.
1) Elyn/Elynn/Elynne (pronunciation similar to that of eileen)

Pls let me know some of your suggestions. Btw, my surname is Chua. Haha.

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