Monday, August 08, 2005

Today's Rating -> B -

Today's my first day of work. Everything's going alright except I'm not so proficient in mechanical drawings.. Not that I didn't learn them. I can understand the drawings. But for me to produce one is quite a tough one for a newbie in Autocad. I may be able to do it for ProE. But Autocad's really a disaster for me. I guess more effort has to put in. I can draw cyclinders, circles, rectangles, and some solid objects. I can copy duplicate behind what is already drawn. I can rotate axis and fit to what I need. But I can't figure out how to draw that motor Shaozhen asked to help. I tried for one hour, but it turn out a disaster. She has to draw it herself on Wednesday.. Sigh.. Useless me... And I shall start this daily ratings for my everyday... heez...

Yong msged me mid-noon to check if i'm doing well at work. I guess he's bored too. He
claims engineering jobs are far too boring for him to take. Hmm.. I guess its boring for everyone, especially boring for him for he has his dream jobs in mind - government service. We just had a conversation over the phone while he was on his way home. He doesnt sound at all excited with his job. Mine doesnt sound interesting to him either. Haha.. And Sunday's blading with him and his friend who is also a newbie! Phew, another newbie, that makes me less noob. Haha! Blading finally!! I aim to blade with minimal falls and be able to cross a hump. Thats my aim for this Sunday! Geez.

Saturday will be a dilemma.. Hall 6 D&D or Seagaters Photoshoot? Undecided. I hate this v.indecisive me!

Pawlyn told me there's fireworks tonight!! No wonder the train service's extended. I wanted v.much to go, for the last time I watched fireworks in my eyes was durin NDP 1999. I was a cheerleader then, so i get the chance. And 6 years today, I'm stuck at home, with urge to go but noone to accompany me. My house's near town but going alone sounds dumb. Prolly, one great disadvantage of being single is being deprived of enjoying all these simple fun..

And since I'm on the topic of singlehood, shall cover a little on this side of life. Not at any mood in mentioning my past, but currently I'm still enjoying singlehood, though the disadvantages are surfacing as more of my friends get attached. I don't get relationship issues. Probably I'm far lacking the looks. And one important thing is I clicked far too quick with guys. And I mean in a 'brudder-brudder' manner. U shall witness this if ur're in NTU. I only have one girl-friend..Ms Blackie. My friends are all guys!! U can easily spot me sitting next to a guy friend during lectures or tutorials if i'm not with Blackie. Thats how 'brudder' I can get, totally platonic friendships, and many agree with me. Singlehood seems to have more disadvantages as we grow. We are losing a fair share of friends and khakis when more of them are attached. That means more disappointments when you jio friends out. To me, I can cope with these disappointments. But I can sense the need for a soul-mate when I need someone to enjoy simple things with me.. I realised i have a penchant for guys with double eyelids!! My mum says guys with double eyelids are '花心'. Haha.. But I really like those eyes!! A great smile makes it perfect!! Probably, I like someone with a great smile, for 70% of my life was filled with unhappiness, I yearn for smilez to brighten my everyday. Haha. A tall tanned bod with grinning mega-watt smile makes everything perfect!! Haha.. My dream...

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