Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Today's Rating --> C

I hate to cry.. But I cried this morning. My tears are always vulnerable. They are not vulnerable to physical pain, in fact, they dun react to physical pain. My tears are highly reactive to hurtful words and slightest emotional pain. I'm a cry baby. I always cry.

I'm waiting for a reply from a friend who told me his friend might have an extra tix for NDP. He asked me if i want to last night, but i sorta rejected the tix coz its like 1 tic. erm.. haha. But after knowing that kaihui, emily and meiyan are going, my heart itches and now, in search of that tix again, though i know the chances are pretty slim. My today's rating will definitely improve if i have the chance to view that lovely fireworks.. Again, chances are slim...

No plans for the day, but I hope it'll just be a simple nice day.. No more crying at least..

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