Friday, August 12, 2005

Today's Rating --> B+

Today's slightly better cause I'm learning a lot today. I went Hamilton Sundstrand for a conference call meeting to prepare a proposal for a deal. Then went to Pratt & Whitney to do some checks and stuff. After which to Combustor Automotive Services (CAS) for some meeting. But the latter one was done by boss only. Shaozhen and I were left at lobby and we ended up chatting there for a good 1.5 hrs. And back to office, suddenly a guy ask SZ to draw the 2 motors immediately, and thus, the job is mine. Haha..

I've decided. I'm going D&D. As for the photoshoot, its cancelled. Haha.. Cause one of them fly aeroplane. That makes it easier to make that decision of going to D&D, less the deterant of being v broke! Yes, I'm still broke. And I suspect I'll be v.broke for the next 6 months, and quite broke for next 10 years. Heez.

I was thinking of what to wear for D&D this morning. I can go in cute style. That means my little pink skirt and white top with a pink mini cartigan. Thats cute/sweet style. Or else, it'll be simple black top and my usual black long skirt. The simply way. Till I try them out tmr then I'll decide. Keep tuned for photos! Heez.

And at night, I went dinner and shopping with Gabby. Dinner was at Swensen's. Yummy! And later, shopping. I went Sim Lim to get my SD card.. 512MB Kingston for $60. Hope I'm not cheated. I desperately need this cause my 64MB's not enough for a simple event like NDP. And tmr's D&D, so, i decided to get one. I wanted to get a extra battery also, But its too ex! Not really ex, just that I'm broke. After that, it was shopping for my mini cartigan. I bought one at $27. Damn ex! But its the best we saw when we shop till 1030pm!! Where have the pretty clothes went to?? Grr... Sighz...

Homed at 11pm.. Sighz..

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