Sunday, August 14, 2005

Today's Rating --> B+

Yay, back from blading. Today's slightly better than my 1st try. I only had 2 falls, though one was really really really a hard one! Right on my butt!! Sighs.. I wouldn't say I have great passion for this sport. But I do want to learn it. I like to learn things. Its just so me...

I got to know quite a few of new friends today! But I didnt really make a lot of effort in remembering names. But I do rem the girl's. Probably she's my kind of girl, sporty, hyper, nice, and 'herself'.. Heez.. I like 2 category of girls.. And she's one of the 2 kind.. *grinz*

I found myself v.v.v.v.broke. I shall refrain from spending already. No more cosmetics, no more skin care, no more high-end meals... ... ... till i get my tuition pay/work pay.. Sighz...

I was thinking of what to get myself when i get my 1st pay. Its always memorable to get something when u get your first official pay check. ;p

Homed at 1030pm.. *Shag*

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