Monday, August 15, 2005

Today's Rating --> B

I'm home early! I reached home before 10pm.. Finally. After so many nights out, I'm homed by 745pm! And now, lazing in my room. I intend to sleep early.. Like about 10pm, which I think its kinda impossible. For me at least. *grinz*

Its another normal day, just that work is expected to go on 'bullet train' soon. Things are starting to get tensed, cause the deadlines are coming in. I guess more and more OT will flood in very soon, very very soon.

I'm feeling kinda tired for the day, partly due to late night on saturday and blading on sunday. Its time to rest well, else, I wouldn't be able to take work stress and tuition tmr! Tmr's another late night again! Grr..

Here's a fwd mail I receive abt compatible horoscope:

Scorpio (oct24- nov21)
Compatible With Very Good: Cancer Leo Sagittarius Pisces Taurus Libra
Good: Aries Scorpio Capricorn Aquarius

Scorpio Woman: Scorpio woman is confident, magnetic, proud, possessive and a deep person. She is very accurate in assessing the intentions of the others and can tell exactly whom to trust and whom not to. One cannot succeed in fooling her. Her emotions are extreme i.e., she can hate with bitter venom and love with fierce abandon. A strong, masculine and intelligent man suits her best. She is loyal and intensely passionate. Truthfulness and honesty are dominant in her character. She is very protective of her man and is a disciplinarian at home. She likes power. She returns double the amount of what ever she gets whether it is kindness, love, insult or hatred. She refuses to see any viewpoint other than hers. A Scorpio mother is always there to attend to her children's needs and is a good teacher to them.

Quite true I would say...

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