Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Today's Rating --> B+

I had quite an eventful day today. I came home late again.

My eventful day starts with all my colleagues doing internal audit, while I sit outside alone, doing my own things. Lunch was happening. SZ and I took the van to meet the rest for a lunch-out session. First, we can get the van to main road due to the ever-flowing vehicles... Then, it was a challenging parking by SZ, whom soon resigned to parking head-in. Shopping for groceries was fun! *grinz*

I witness a car going ov the feet of a man! It was a v. -_-''' scene. These 2 cars were facing opposite directions. The blue was going to park her car and the silver one was going to get to his car. And when the blue car reverse, she knocked down the driver of silver's and the wheels just roll over his feet! And when she realised that she move forward and rolled ov it again!! I was totally shocked. And what makes it farnie is that, the man stood up and started scolding the woman, criticising how her driving skills can be and how can she not check before she reverse. He doesnt look as if he's pain from the ramping over. And they just stood the quarrelling. *faintz* I suspect he was on safety shoes.. The safety shoes provided the protection.. If not for those shoes, he will be screaming in pain, instead of comically standing up to get it out with the lady driver. Luckily he's in safety shoes, thank God.

I took some pics with colleagues! heez... One of the pic!

Had a last minute appointment with Ms Blackie. A simple and nice dinner simply completes the day. *heez*

I'm 2 kg heavier.. within 3 days.. its time to control again! No more growing side-ways!!!!

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