Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Today's Rating --> A

I'm updating this cause I went NDP!!! Yeah.. So..a revised rating!! Wah ha ha..

Its definitely a very dramatic day... I got 5 missed call.. from Aaron... And I suspect, i might have tix to the NDP, and after reading his sms.. yes, there's chance!! And I buzz him immed to get particulars of his friend.. Shiyun.. A v.nice girl, though she sounded a bit shocked receiving my call, probably she's still half-asleep.. She told me there's 1 extra and its the green section.. But alas! What's KH and ppl's section? I totoally have no idea.. I all along thought it was free seating.. It was already 2pm.. And immediately buzz KH to ask abt hers.. And Meiyan also.. But no1 picked my call.. I was telling myself that I'm going to give it a miss if its not green section.. And i keep calling and they keep not picking up calls.. Until.. KH's phone got batt flat.. Even Aaron was panicking.. and helped me call Meiyan.. and Meiyan was... buring incense paper.. So.. I waited and still calling them every minute... And the same time, messaging Shiyun telling her the situation.. 2 hrs, and no1 get back to me.. I decide to leave my house..4pm..

Then came the message, they were holding tix of blue section. !((*&%%#))(& .. What to do now?? I left my hse, and this is the reply I get after 2 hrs of no-one-pick-up-my-call. I'm left with 2 option - a) Go Alone, b) Go home. I chose option A. But I made an effort to ask if I could join Shiyun. I've nv seen her before. I just know her 2 hrs ago ov a call. I no idea of who she is. I only know she has an extra tix. And she generously agreed. So sweet of her.. even when I'm late because of all the hesitation.

Its like a blind date. We dun know each other. And we didn't even have a rose, or anything symbolic to identify each other. I only know she's wearing red.. But who's not wearing red at Cityhall MRT at 4pm?? We managed to meet up, with not much problems. *Phew*

She's really one nice person.. She more gentle and feminine that I expect.. And we can enjoy each other presence as well. And her siblings are nice too! Heez.. It simply feels so peaceful and chilling together with them..

There are some things I love about NDP.. 1st..Its the parade. Not many will like this.. But I do. Because I was once in the parade... 8 years ago.... And memory simply etch deeply.. The memories I had in the NDP parade is something unforgettable... Even simple things like the 21 canon.. The 3 round saluting shoot... Its simply memorable.. 5 years ago.. I was part of the cheerleading.. but it wasnt as sweet as the parade.. it was just so-so.. =) Prolly, the people made a whole great diff.. NDP was fun because of the lovely pple... Cheerleading holds too much negative memories I wish to erase.

And here are the pics!!!

Padang! My first time in NDP as a spectator!! We've got a nice view!!

Parachutes!! They are so pretty, arent they.. ;p

I was one of them.. 8 years ago..... .... ...

They are superb!!! F16 flies far too fast.. My cam didnt manage to catch it.. Grr...

Lovely things!!

And now, fireworks!!!

Nice right? ;p

And here's Shiyun..

After the show, we walked to Suntec.. But erm.. we actually took 1 hr to walk from Padang to Suntec!! All thanks to the road blocks... Grr.. haha..

Met KH and pple for dinner at Marche.. Nothing special.. But realise I can't communicate with that grp of friends. Probably not all cause I'm confortable with the people travelling home with me. I guess i just and simply detest attention seekers. I'm kinda quiet during dinner..compared to the usual me. I just feed on my Rosti.. I just i'm just going to give this grp of friends a miss... Jiani and Yeni, and probably Kaihui are excluded from the above-mentioned. The dinner pple..

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Homed at 1030pm... ;p

And haha.. gab saw my nick and she was like-->

ll gArgAbll-- says:
good lor u make a fren @ s'pore 40 th b day

My msn nick --> [jingxian] Million thanks to Aaron and Shiyun for the NDP tix

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