Friday, September 23, 2005

We finally didn't have Pastamania for dinner. Haha. We had Mos! And she didnt expect that I wanna cut, or rather trim my halr, but we still end up together with our heads trimmed. ;p

We didn't have fanciful haircuts, just trimmed, to keep them in shape.

We definitely look much neater after out trim. And we start to love that salon. ;p And btw, hers is done by a handsome looking hairdresser, also the boss of the salon. She's beaming with smile while she do her hair. ;p

I spend again. $18 for haircut. $3 for nail polish. $10 for meals. (My 1st time giving her a little treat, as she often offer me treats for drinks and such)

And just for fun...

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