Friday, September 23, 2005

Things are accelerating for work. A project is due.

Latest update-> I have $35 to live on till my pay day. Can I make it? Hmm, there's high chance a no! Haha.. I shall see how...

As I was writing this, I overhear a disgusted scene in my office. I wouldn't say I don't like her. I neither whould I say I like her. She's just a colleague, an acquaintance. The incident just now put me uneasy and at the same time, remind me that I should not have such an attitude. No matter how busy you are, treat everybody with at least some minimal care. It is courtesy. Enough said.

Today's meeting Peirling for dinner again. No more pastamania I hope. We always end up having Pastamania for dinner when we meet up. I think I'm too broke for Pastamania today.

I'm going to CAS and HS for visits. There goes my 1/2 day at work. Eye-opening time again~

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