Friday, September 02, 2005

Mood Meter --> B+

I hate myself for forgetting to bring my camera to work today.

I did the worse parking on earth. Haha! I can't get the van park into one of 2 empty slots! I ended up having the need to park into one of the 5-in-a-row-empty slots!! Haha. And it took me like.. 15 mins? *昏倒* Haha! I shall forgive myself for it's my 1st time driving a van. I can only rely on my 2 windows and rear view mirror. There's no backseat windows which can easily gauge the parking! Its a van, what to do? Sigh. But I think SZ -_-''' when I do my parking. SZ, I'll try harder. At least I got it in for parallel parking. Haha!

Tmr's going to be a blading day out.

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