Sunday, September 04, 2005

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I spent $200 this weekend. How sinful.

I dun quite know what I bought. These are the few I remember.
1) A Philips Steam Iron ($40)
2) 2 pieces of plain tops. ($25)
3) A moisteriser ($20)
4) A Bronzer from the bodyshop ($22.90)
5) A Concealer from the bodyshop ($12.90)
6) Blush Brush from the bodyshop ($15.90)
7) A Fila Bag ($20)
8) Blading ($12)

Wah~ This can't carry on. I shall put this to a full stop.

Blading on saturday was good. I venture on faster speeds. But I almost crush into the bush while I was going down a steep slope. I still can't control direction and the slope just made me roll into opposite lane which I made a decision to fall instead of crushing into the bush just few centimeters before I just before I crush myself into the bush. Phew! Right decision. Though 'malu' to fall, its better that I fall than I crush into the bushes right? Wah ha ha. But I had many falls this session, probably due to my faster speed. I suspect a back sprain and a knee issue too. I shall rest well this week.

MSN nick --> [jingxian] My Blading falls are causing me serious backache!!


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Sherline said...

Wah... Got pay then spend so much money ah.... BUDGET!!!