Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Mood Meter --> B++

Boss's not in office till nxt week! He's out for business trip! Yay! It means 530 sharp zoooommmeed... HOME!! Haha!!

I had a pretty fun day. Meet a colleague who quit her job for better prospects. All the best to her. Athough she's my colleague for a short 2 weeks, we can click and talk loads. Will miss her. One khaki less for gossip. And now, its me and SZ.. two of us..

We had dinner at Pasta Cafe at T.S.C. Great recommendation from SZ.. I forgot whats the name of the pasta dish, but its number 21 on the menu. Must try if you do go. ;p

Shopping is still ladies' favourite. We went to shop for pants for 'ex-colleague' for her 'meeting-the-sch-principal-session' tmr. She ended up with 3 G2000 pants and a Charles and Keith straw bag! Shaozhen got a Future State top, a really nice top!! As for me, I promised not to spend le. So... BUT.. I also bought 2 G2000 pants. 2 for $59. Worth it heh. I need them anyway. ;p I forgive myself this time. Keke!

My 2-week colleague.... SZ + me while waiting for her to get her bag paid. ;p Nice snap shot heh.

Shopping Queenz....

I changed the tuition to thursday and friday. I want to meet some Seagaters and I decided to miss my secondary sch's farewell for a girl's leaving to UK for studies.

Initially, I do look forward to meeting this group of friends. But somehow as the day is nearing, I keep thinking abt things, abt how this friendship has been going along. I agree that secondary school mates are the ones who watch u grow and they do influence u a lot. For me, it is also pretty true. But I'm afraid this friendship didn't maintain. It literally stopped after 1998, with minimal meeting ups. And I guess, after 'A' Levels, it stopped completely. It makes me wonder how vulnerable a friendship can be. I was only notified of things when they need me to chip in prezzies and such. I felt used in a monetary way. They were once my treasures, but time has washed away so much. I'm glad for my current supporting friends. I do not wish for enemies, though I have none. Lets just let things be.

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